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This year, ZP Europe celebrated a virtual HR Week for the first time and has created an alternative, exciting format with ZP Europe Virtual from 12 - 16 October 2020.

As usual, ZP Europe Virtual therefore offered innovative online workshops on all important topics in HR management to make you fit for the working world of the future. Thank you!


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Taking Diversity and Inclusion Global: Balancing Alignment and Flexibility
HR Trends & The Conference Board 


  • Claudia Grusemann-Schmidt, Head of Engage & Retain | HR Talentmanagement, Evonik AG, Essen
  • Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow, Center for International Management Studies, Hochschule Bremen
  • Marion Devine, Senior Researcher in Human Capital, Europe, The Conference Board

Every year, the HR-TRENDS brings together pioneering thought leaders to document the latest developments and identify next practices in business practice. One of the main topics of the current issue of HR-TRENDS 2021 is "HR-Diversity: Gender & Demography".

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Schwuchow (University of Applied Sciences, Bremen), Joachim Gutmann (Glücksburg Consulting AG), Marion Devine (The Conference Board, Brussels) and Claudia Grusemann-Schmidt, Leader „Engage & Retain“, Evonik Industries AG | Essen discuss that innovation is really more about nurturing talent, providing resources and a cultural change than just technical solutions and results. It is important to focus on the innovator - not the innovation.

There is a strong correlation between the degree of inclusion and a company's ability to innovate. As the study shows, the most innovative companies are working hard to break down the mental and functional silos between innovation and inclusion.

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