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Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne

Europe's leading expo event around the world of work!

The ZP is different. Different from the other HR Expo events. ZP is the number 1 in Europe. The benchmark. With excellent industry expertise. A feel for trends and potential. And a clear mission. Like no other trade fair, ZP creates one thing. Active access. To the entire thematic cluster of the HR world. To the big players and innovative start-ups. To their new ideas, solutions and tools. But above all, ZP opens up space. For open exchange. Creative networking. Interdisciplinary transfer. For surprising synergies that make complex HR work manageable. And holistic. 360° value-adding and sustainable. And thus allow employees to fully develop their potential. The concentrated power of the industry. As a lively, collaborative platform for integrated HR transformation. There is only one thing ZP is never. Boring. Or like the others. But we've been through that. ZP. Expand the experience.


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Personalwirtschaft New Media Lounge


  • "It was very nice to see people again. The fair has become smaller, but we found that very pleasant: less crowding, more conversations possible, also with exhibitors. The exhibitors were well chosen. My main interest was in recruiting. There was a broad portfolio here. I took away many positive ideas and I now have a lot to do in terms of implementation. Lectures as well as exhibition were interesting for me."

    Ilka Gahr, Bereichsleiterin Personal

    GÜLICH GRUPPE Gebäudedienste GmbH & Co. KG
  • "I have known the ZPE for many years and the event is a fixed date for me. I am here to network with recruiting companies. But we also have current digitalisation needs within the company. That's why I also look around at the HR tech providers. I have also prepared myself for this in advance."

    R. Klumpen

    Het GmbH
  • „Ich bin neu im HR Bereich, daher ist die ZPE für mich eine gute Plattform, um sich zu informieren und einen Überblick zu verschaffen. Sehr positiv nehme ich die Themenvielfalt wahr. Ein wichtiges Thema ist für mich Inklusion, hier habe ich einige wertvolle Anregungen mitgenommen.“

    A. Lozenz

    Internationaler Bund
  • "We were very satisfied with the fair. The lectures were interesting, the exhibition was also relevant for us.We took a lot of homework with us, a lot of impulses for new strategies. After a two-year break, it simply did us good to meet people and the industry again. What's great is the togetherness in recruiting, less of a war for talent."

    Natalie Kofler-Geise

    B+D Personalservices GmbH
  • "The exchange with other HR professionals was incredibly inspiring and stimulating. We took a lot of food for thought back to the office and are grateful for every exchange."

    Nicola Hartmann, HR Manager

    ZP Europe
  • It was great to be at Zukunft Personal 2022, met a lot of our partners but I was also impressed about the innovations on ATS / Learning / Talent solutions I saw. I expect that other European countries will meet these solutions as they do have a very International approach and functionalities. 

    Martin Hofenk



  • For the first time, the Globalization Partners team participated as exhibitors at ZP Europe.  Compared to the previous year, we were very impressed by the positive visitor response to the event. There has been a huge leap in development in the entire HR industry in recent years. Shortage of skilled workers was a big topic at the event, which the G-P team discussed often and with pleasure. In our opinion, it's not so much about a lack of talent, but rather about broadening the perspective and asking ourselves how and where we can find suitable talent! We had many good conversations and our lecture and workshop were well attended. We are already looking forward to the next ZP Europe.

    Martin Tillert, Partner Director DACH

    Globalization Partners