// Order portal Kölnmesse

This link will take you to the portal of the koelnmesse

Electricity connections, internet, parking tickets etc.

As a rule, orders must be completed four weeks before the start of set-up, after which a 25% surcharge will be added. 

There is a problem with your specific link, please call Spring support.

// M.A.X. Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik

Through the order form of M.A.X. you can get various multimedia and technology products.

Monitors, TVs, etc.

Access data for all:
username: spring
password: Smessemax

Orders must be placed two weeks before the start of construction.

// mac. Stand construction

Graphics for already booked stands are requested directly from mac. With the following documents you can order the booth graphics and extra furniture. The respective document must be downloaded for this.

Stand construction, rental furniture

Stand inscription

Furniture orders must be placed no later than 10 working days before the start of construction.
Stand lettering must be ordered no later than 21 working days before the start of construction.

// Schenker

Carrier for delivery to the fair

Inquiry form 

Deliveries must be accepted on site by the exhibitor.

// Leadmanagement (FairVerify)

The access to our lead management is sent separately.

Licences are included in the packages, additional licences can be ordered from additional products .

Lead management manual