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Finding employment, mental health, and the barrier between them

12.11.2019 It was mental health awareness week recently, at least in the UK, where people were invited to discuss issues around mental health (or MH) and raise awareness of the problems faced by those who are affected by mental health problems. As far as the world of work goes, much of the focus was how people in work should think about the issues. There was very little in the way of detailed explanations of how we can actually work on the issues, at least in my little window to the world. And we really need to work on these issues. MORE

Sleeping on the job (eng)

07.08.2019 At the risk of stating the obvious, human beings need sleep. Without it, you become cranky, then un­well, then se­rious­ly unwell, and then you’ll either sleep on your feet or sleep in your coffin. But, given the importance of sleep to humans, and the fact that our job is to deal with the human element of any work­force, we really need to talk about it more. MORE

Latest trends in employee mood measurement (eng)

18.03.2019 Not too long ago the main instrument to gather data about the mood of the employees in the different parts of the organisation was the annual employee engagement survey. Once per year, or one every two-years, a long questionnaire was distributed to the employees. MORE

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