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Smart learning, e-learning platforms, virtual meetings – digital transformation is also having a massive impact on the education and training sector. Become a digital pioneer!

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Smart learning, e-learning platforms, virtual meetings – digital transformation is also having a massive impact on the education and training sector. Companies need to focus on the individual (learning) needs of staff to give them new knowledge and make sure they remain successful in the digital working world. Learning & Training offers you interactive formats, exciting presentations and innovative tools on hot topics such as immersive learning with AR & VR, artificial intelligence and factors leading to success in further learning.


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Interview with Keynote Speaker Laura Dekker

14.08.2019 A 14-year-old girl set sail on the 21st of August 2010 from Gibraltar to attempt the world record for the youngest person to circum­navigate the globe on her own. After 518 days, Laura Dekker completed her Maiden trip when she was 16. MORE

Keynote Interview with best-selling author John Strelecky

30.08.2019 John Strelecky is Keynote Speaker at the Zukunft Personal Europe 2019. We exclusively interviewed the author of the best-seller “The Big Five for Live”. He shows how we can harmoniously combine work and leisure and talks about what makes a good leader. MORE

Rehumanizing people in the digital economy

28.03.2019 The Fourth Industrial Revolution is distinguishable from the others because it is where humans meet the cyber world; where technology and people are not distinct, not separate. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change not only what we do but also who we are. MORE


HR Innovation Award: 
And the winner is...

The exclusive award ceremony of the HR Innovation Award took place live via video stream in a virtual 3D learning and working world - many thanks to our partner TriCAT Spaces for the innovative stage! We were very happy about all submissions for the HR Innovation Award 2020 and are proud to present the four winners of the categories Recruiting & Attraction, Learning & Training, Software & Hardware and Transformation & Consulting: 



The ZP Faces include selected experts, speakers and knowledge specialists from the fields of Learning & Training. Get to know all ZP Faces!

Friederike Euwens

Friederike Euwens

AllesRoger UG, Co-Founder, Director of Organizational Design

Petra Martin

Petra Martin

Head of the Competence Center for Leadership for the Automotive Electronics division at Bosch

Gudrun Porath

Expert Council
Gudrun Porath

free Journalist and Moderator

Roman Rackwitz

Expert Council
Roman Rackwitz

Founder, Engaginglab GmbH

Dr. Jochen Robes

Expert Council
Dr. Jochen Robes

CEO, Robes Consulting

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