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Curated by Wolfgang Brickwedde | ICR Institut for Competitive Recruiting

The search for well educated, motivated employees is one of the biggest challenges for companies in all sectors. No wonder, then, that human resources departments are experiencing more hype.

But what will recruiting really be like in the future? We will give you some ideas and practical solutions on how to find and retain your most important resource: your staff!


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Personalisation in HR: Some ideas

27.05.2020 Tom Haak will give you some more background on personalisation and custo­mi­sation. How can you use perso­na­li­sation and customisation to improve your recruitment efforts? MORE

Cultural Analytics, its im­pli­cations and use cases

11.09.2019 Today’s world is more inter­connected than ever before, across con­ti­nents, companies, institutions, genera­tions and cultures. But how do we handle the increased speed and pressure that accom­panies this interconnectedness? MORE

Personalisation in HR - some ideas

04.09.2019 Are you able and willing to personalise? It has to do with the ability and the willingness of the organisation to personalise, and with the level of acceptance of differences of the employees in the organisation. MORE

Keynote Speaker Interview with Marion Rövekamp

30.08.2019 Marion Rövekamp is Keynote Speaker at the Zukunft Personal Europe 2019. Her speech is entitled  “Shaping the energy world with the power of diversity”. We interviewed the Chief Human Resources Officer at EWE AG. MORE


HR Innovation Award: 
And the winner is...

The exclusive award ceremony of the HR Innovation Award took place live via video stream in a virtual 3D learning and working world - many thanks to our partner TriCAT Spaces for the innovative stage! We were very happy about all submissions for the HR Innovation Award 2020 and are proud to present the four winners of the categories Recruiting & Attraction, Learning & Training, Software & Hardware and Transformation & Consulting: 



The ZP Faces include selected experts, speakers and knowledge specialists from the fields of Recruiting & Attraction as well as Employer Branding. Get to know all ZP Faces!

Barbara Brähmer

Barbara Brähmer

Managing Director, intercessio

Anne Engelshowe

Anne Engelshowe

Owner, Salon der Guten


Johanna Hartz

Johanna Hartz

Team Leader Coaching, Wollmilchsau

Jan Hawliczek

Jan Hawliczek

Managing Director, die grüne 3

Prof. Martin Kersting

Prof. Martin Kersting

Professor of Psychological Diagnostics,
Justus Liebig University, Giessen

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