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Personalisation in HR: Some ideas

27.05.2020 Tom Haak will give you some more background on personalisation and custo­mi­sation. How can you use perso­na­li­sation and customisation to improve your recruitment efforts? MORE

Cultural Analytics, its im­pli­cations and use cases 

11.09.2019 Today’s world is more inter­connected than ever before, across con­ti­nents, companies, institutions, genera­tions and cultures. But how do we handle the increased speed and pressure that accom­panies this interconnectedness? MORE

Personalisation in HR - some ideas

04.09.2019 Are you able and willing to personalise? It has to do with the ability and the willingness of the organisation to personalise, and with the level of acceptance of differences of the employees in the organisation. MORE

Keynote Speaker Interview with Marion Rövekamp 

30.08.2019 Marion Rövekamp is Keynote Speaker at the Zukunft Personal Europe 2019. Her speech is entitled  “Shaping the energy world with the power of diversity”. We interviewed the Chief Human Resources Officer at EWE AG. MORE

Employee engagement and exoerience driven by cult...

29.05.2019 Employee Engagement refers to an employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty, and inclination to spend discretionary effort toward organizational goals. How should companies measure engagement? MORE

Five trends to improve your selection process 

22.05.2019 The selection criteria are most of the time not based on thorough data analysis, but more on lists made by HR and managers based on their gut-feel, common sense and experience. Improving now the quality of the selection process! MORE

10 talent management trends for 2019 

16.04.2019 In November last year, Tom Haak had a discussion with a team of HR professionals of Deutsche Telekom, about the future of talent management. In this con­ver­sation he covered the following im­portant talent management trends. MORE

An auslanders view of recruiting in Germany 

08.04.2019 After a year of working and living in Germany, I’ve come to know the quirks and nuances of the German recruitment landscape very well indeed. So what have I learned? MORE

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Contentstream article No. 1: Context Crisis? Our answer: #publicspirit.

In these critical times, we must think employer branding in solidarity. In the sense of a community of solidarity, it is important to offer help and stand together through mutual give and take. Acting together in solidarity is the order of the day. This is a challenge for everyone: Companies and private individuals. MORE

Contentstream article No. 2: Insights from Zoom-Truffle - Süwag Energie

The corona crisis brings opportunities. So Süwag Energie AG & DEBA quickly came to an agreement: Truffles - we can also get that digitally converted! Süwag's employer branding project managers, Anne Oesterdiekhoff & Katrin Fuchs, show how it works and what they learned. MORE

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