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08.04.2020 | DEBA

Context Crisis? Our answer: #publicspirit.

"Since the Second World War, there has never been a challenge to our country where our joint solidarity is so important." - Angela Merkel

The coronavirus poses the greatest challenge for decades - socially, economically and worldwide. What initially began with the cancellation of individual events on the market has quickly developed into a real crisis in many industries.

In these critical times, we must think employer branding in solidarity. In the sense of a community of solidarity, it is important to offer help and stand together through mutual give and take. Acting together in solidarity is the order of the day. This is a challenge for everyone: Companies and private individuals.

In this context, terms such as collaboration and COMMUNITY take on particular relevance. For a long time, organizations have looked inwards and dealt with value development, leadership principles, etc. The view of organizations to the outside, on the famous question of #Purpose, completed the picture. Corona now lets us noticeably learn how highly relevant the overall social dimension of a company's meaning is. This is the cement that holds employees together when the system threatens to break apart economically.

How can organisations and managers in these times succeed in creating the right balance between belonging and autonomy? We believe that a sincerely positioned employer brand - as an instrument of strategic corporate management - is the heart and core of an employer's identification offer to people. Identification - like brand itself - is an emotional construct. Our goal is a corporate management that enables, strengthens and creates emotional affiliation. This is the only way to create self-chosen motivation and thus economic success - even in times of crisis. This is the essential basis for the willingness of employees to remain capable of working and committed even in the conflicting areas of home office, lack of childcare, economic worries and, last but not least, personal fears. Through community.

The beginning of a worldwide sense of community can already be felt in many places. With more attentiveness to the other, more awareness of the fragile ecosystem in which we are only guests. Is it a virus that saves humanity from itself? The public spirit over egoism, cooperation over separation, values over growth? And thus creates the attitude we need to really become one world - and to take care of it?

"Mankind will become a better version of itself." - Wolf Reiner Kriegler

We are convinced that Corona has touchstone quality for every employer positioning - more than any single HR instrument could ever achieve. Now we can see whether the promises made internally and externally by the "we" are just empty words or are actually lived.

In these times, the HR community should support the reflection on community. Because only membership in a community allows positive working and living worlds to develop and grow. This creates a sense of community that is more forward-looking than individual sense could ever be. Thus identity becomes hard currency, an anchor and driver in times in which our system is put to the test. We see a learning process that offers opportunities for sustainable cultural change. What is required now is to get involved and be courageous. Together we are stronger.

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